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We specialize in Tech, Home Building and Accounting/Finance because these are industries we’re truly passionate about. We care deeply about every client and candidate, and we’re here to do this the right way. Our team strives to be industry experts at the highest level and we are all dedicated to changing as many lives, careers and companies as we possibly can while we are on earth. We are extremely grateful for those that we get to work with everyday and are excited to continue to expand our reach across the globe!


Fast Tracking Solutions is a search firm specializing in providing all of our clients with top talent throughout all functions within the specific industries we serve. Our focus and connections exist deeply in the Home Building, Tech, Accounting/Finance sectors which allow us to identify the winning candidate for most searches within the first 5 days of obtaining the job specifications from the employer. We are without a doubt, the most cutting-edge, cost-effective search firm with the fastest quality-oriented turnaround in the game.

The Fast Tracking Solutions Team
Our team at Fast Tracking Solutions employs their knowledge, experience, and sound methodologies to address internal and external issues that are likely preventing your company from obtaining the success you envision.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Thomas Carpitella

Thomas Carpitella

Chief Executive Officer

Direct: (585) 259-2170

Email: thomas@fasttrackingsolutions.com

Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis

Director of Tech Recruiting

(585) 770-8169

Email: andrew@fasttrackingsolutions.com

Jesse Jackman

Director of Client Services

Direct: (585) 450-6502

Email: jesse@fasttrackingsolutions.com

William Briggs

Recruiter – Accounting & Finance

Direct: (585) 770-4496

Email: william@fasttrackingsolutions.com

Cullen Baker

Database Manager

Direct: 585-770-3016

Email: cullen@fasttrackingsolutions.com

Dan Ruddy

Executive Recruiter – Home Building

Direct: (585) 770-8037

Email: dan@fasttrackingsolutions.com

Ben Osterling

Senior Recruiter

Direct: (585) 450-6694

Email: ben.osterling@fasttrackingsolutions.com

Bill Carpitella

Bill Carpitella


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