About Cullen Baker

Direct: 585-770-3016
Email: cullen@fasttrackingsolutions.com

In his earlier career, Cullen worked in store operations for one of Fortune’s Top 100 companies to work for, where he excelled in the training and development of a large team of employees. From there, Cullen combined his knowledge and experience in operations leadership and pivoted into the recruitment realm of the same industry.

Cullen’s passion for team leadership and prior recruitment experience made for an easy transition to the team at Fast Tracking Solutions. As the Database Manager, Cullen works interchangeably through all facets of the Fast Tracking Solutions organization; with the end goal, to create synergy in the workplace.

Cullen has assisted in the organization and accumulation of the FTS Database, which hosts all gainfully employed, “A” level professionals at all levels, for companies in all industries. Each candidate is vetted and referenced prior to submittal to ensure success. This plays in integral part in the entire recruitment process, which directly correlates to the positive return that the client and candidate receive.