About Thomas Carpitella

Direct: (585) 259-2170
Email: thomas@fasttrackingsolutions.com

Thomas is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fast Tracking Solutions. His primary focus consists of managing the entire company’s search process, expanding the company as a whole, and driving the overall strategic vision for the business.

Thomas comes from a background of observing and working with his father, Bill, who has been in the home building business for 25 years. He has executed complex recruiting initiatives in the industry.

Prior to his work at Fast Tracking Solutions, Thomas opened a start-up search firm directly supporting the Home Building Industry and within a two-year period was conducting more searches than the majority of his competition. His methodology for success first starts with his commitment to a client and candidate. He is available seven days a week by phone or e-mail.

Thomas has accumulated a database of gainfully employed “A” rated performers at all levels in the home building organization that are vetted, screened, and ready to be matched against the most complex recruiting assignment.

Lastly, Thomas understands the need for sensitivity towards a budget and consequently has developed a fee structure that is one of the most cost- effective in our industry for the Builder.

Thomas’s educational background in communications makes him highly skilled at breaking down broad-based issues of recruitment to relatively simple explanations providing assurance to all parties about what to expect during the recruitment process.

Thomas prides himself on being honest and going the extra mile to serve his clients in order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and deliver candidates that make a difference. Clients are amazed at the turn-around time in producing a winning candidate, which typically runs less than 5 days.