Join the FTS family!


Join the FTS Family!

Our 5 Core Values:

Be Yourself

Bring the Energy


Commit to the Big

Always Do the Right Thing

Our Core Purpose is simple:

To improve as many lives, careers & companies as possible while we are on earth.

What it’s like to work here:

Jon Rodriguez:

“After spending 6+ years in corporate work environments both in staffing and other industries, I knew it was time to make a change. I connected with Thomas and the rest is history. FTS is unlike any other company I have worked at, all in the right ways. The environment and vibe here is very non-corporate which I believe provides for a more relaxed, fun, and hard-working environment. The group of people we have working here all mesh very well, we share common goals and that is what drives us every day.”

Cullen Baker:

“Prior to joining the team at FTS, I was recruiting in a different industry, so I was experienced coming in the door on day one, or so I thought. Since coming on board, the leadership team at FTS has been stellar and helped me to grow tremendously as a person, both professionally and personally. My co-workers have welcomed me right from the get-go and have become some great influences in my life. The company culture is very unique and progressive, which has allowed me to take complete ownership of my career path in order to become a successful leader as we continue to grow.”

Ben Brooks:

“From day one at Fast Tracking Solutions there was never a time where I felt like I wasn’t part of the team. The atmosphere at this company is warm, welcoming and playful. Everyone at the company has a great head on their shoulders making it an all-around great work environment. It’s awesome to be at company where everyone is on the same page and doing everything in their own power to reach our ultimate goals/vision. In addition to that, everyone also knows when it’s time to let the shoulders down and have a little fun. I couldn’t be happier at a company where I get to do what I love every day with a great group of people as my support system.”

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