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Our team employs their knowledge, experience, and sound methodologies to address internal and external issues that are preventing your company from obtaining the success you envision.


Our team employs their knowledge, experience, and sound methodologies to address internal and external issues that are preventing your company from obtaining the success you envision.

Our Recruiting Ideologies


Our team’s combined experience allow us to exceed our clients’ expectations every day and deliver the highest caliber results in the industries we serve.


We make things happen quickly, providing results by offering our clients the most cost-effective and quality-based recruitment service available in the industry.


We engage in every aspect of our clients’ business to offer candidates that are best for the job, fit in with the company’s culture and can advance its long-term strategies.


We adhere to the highest ethical standards and desire to be authentic in all that we do. We want our professional services to exceed our clients’ expectations at every point.
Our Candidate Selection Process

Step 1: Getting Aquainted

This may be a face-to-face or an extensive phone interview with the employer to determine:

  • Your company’s current and future project needs
  • Its vision and style
  • Critical competencies and skills required for both short and long term projects

Step 2: Selling Your Vision

Once competencies for candidates have been agreed upon, we present your company’s vision and value proposition to perspective candidates.

Candidates can then determine how they fit into that vision in order to apply for open positions.


Step 3: The Search

Once a pool of candidates fitting your search criteria has been obtained, the interview process begins. This consists of 30-50 in-depth phone interviews that narrow the list to candidates with the highest probability of being a fit for the position.

When completed, a list of the 8 best candidates will be given a 2nd interview to explore any areas of concern noted in the 1st interview.

Step 4: Choosing Top Candidates

You receive a report outlining candidates we recommend based on criteria established by you that we determine to be a match as well as reference check information we have obtained on each candidate.

You are then presented with the top 3 candidates to interview. These candidates should exceed your expectations making the final interview easy for you.

Step 5: Final Interviews

The candidates you actually meet will be knowledgeable about your vision, company culture, management style, and details of job specifications. Your challenge is to choose the best of 3 excellent choices!

Step 6: Making the Match

Once you complete the candidate interview we will discuss your assessment of the candidate and decide the next step. This step can be handled in the following ways:

  1. We can offer the position to the candidate and negotiate final salary, OR
  2. You can handle the final offer and negotiation of salary

The choice is YOURS!


Step 7: Closing the Deal

We stay in contact with the chosen candidate after the deal is struck, guiding them through the transition period of possible counter offers from the current employer and helping them maintain confidence about the transition to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Step 8: Follow Up

Once the candidate begins working with you, we maintain contact with you and your new associate to assure a successful on-board process and smooth assimilation into their new role with your company.

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