We partner with today’s top emerging growth, venture & private equity-backed technology companies throughout New York and San Francisco. We work closely with Founders, Board Members, Investors, and Hiring Managers to attract the strongest Engineering, Product and Data Science talent in the world with the sense of urgency, flexibility and transparency needed to exceed your goals. 


We can help assemble your Executive Leadership team that will take your company to new heights. 



We can help you build a world-class Technical team by attracting the strongest talent in the most critical areas.



With nearly a decade of accomplishments, our Tech division is proven and poised to execute on any recruiting task handed down from our client’s decision makers. Our underlying success is based on our founding principles of ethics and trust in recruiting and securing not only specific skill-sets within the industry but proven teammates, thinkers, inventors and ultimately leaders.


One thing that differentiates us from other agencies is our lifestyle mantra: Reprioritize the Candidate. With an extensive candidate base of A+ talent at all levels within the industry, we build our client’s businesses and our own on the backs of these human beings. It can be easy to forget that candidates are opportunity seekers, human beings and providers during the hiring process. Our flexibility allows our clients the ability to obtain and preserve the brightest talent across the globe, avoid the destructive political aspects of the recruiting process and vividly show engagement and investment in candidates entering the company. We aim to give our candidates more control of their career and personal lives from the beginning.


We don’t stop until the job is done, period. Our sense of urgency, around-the-clock availability and highest level of communication enables a turnaround that goes unmatched in the world of recruiting. With our utilization of technology, devotion to our client’s time-sensitive needs and ever-evolving database of A+ talent, we redefine the term Fast.