A real extension of your business & story.

The perfect balance between providing highly qualified candidates and an unparalleled sense of urgency, we truly understand what it takes to find what it is that you’re looking for and we do not stop (literally) until we do just that. At the end of the day, we’re storytellers with a passion for telling every one of our partner’s mission.

Let our experts handle it.

Our team employs their knowledge, experience, and sound methodologies to address internal and external issues that are preventing your company from obtaining the success you envision.


Our team’s combined experience allows us to exceed our clients’ expectations every day and deliver the highest caliber results in the industries we serve.


We make things happen quickly and do everything possible to cut through the noise to ensure an optimal experience.


We engage in every aspect of our clients’ business to ensure candidates, that are best for the job, fit within the company’s culture and can advance its mission. We’re heavily invested in your immediate and long-term strategy and look to be there every step of the way.


Our clients and candidates come first. There’s no other way to say it.

Our Services

Staffing & Recruiting Services for every business need.

We’ve got your back by offering a complete spectrum of service options including Permanent Placement, Contract-to-Hire, Consulting, and Temporary/Contract staffing.


Permanent Placement


Executive Search




Temporary / Contract



We make it easy.


Discuss your company, vision, culture, hiring needs, etc.


This may be a face-to-face or an extensive phone meeting with the employer to determine:

  • Your company’s current and future hiring needs
  • It’s vision, culture, growth plans, values, etc.
  • Critical competencies, skills, personality traits required for both short and long-term success


Finding the right people.


Once competencies for candidates have been agreed upon, we present your company’s vision and open opportunity to perspective candidates.

Once a pool of candidates fitting your search criteria has been obtained, the interview process begins. This consists of anywhere from 1-30 in-depth phone interviews that narrows the list to candidates with the highest probability of being a fit for the position.

When completed, a list of the 8 best candidates will be given a 2nd interview to deeply explore any areas of concern noted in our 1st initial screen.


Meet your candidates.


You receive a summary outlining candidates we recommend based on criteria established by you that we determine to be a match as well as reference check information we have obtained on each candidate.

You are then presented with, on average, the top 3 strongest candidates to interview. These candidates should exceed your expectations making the final interview easy for you.

The candidates you meet will already truly understand your vision, company culture, management style, details of job specifications, etc. due to our extensive interviews. This ensures all parties are on the same page and expectations are in-line, at all times.


Decision time.


Once you complete your candidate interview process, we will discuss your assessment of the candidates and agree on next step/strategy. This step can be handled in the following ways:

  1. We can offer the position to the candidate and drive compensation negotiations
  2. The employer can handle the offer and compensation negotiations

Historically, the more involved we are throughout this process at this stage, the MUCH higher chances of all parties getting what they want.


Follow up.


We stay in contact with the chosen candidate after the deal is struck, guiding them through the transition period of possible counter-offers from their current employer and helping them maintain confidence/excitement around the transition to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Once the candidate starts, we maintain contact with you and the candidate to assure a successful on-board process and smooth assimilation into their new role with your company.

Let us help you build the team your business needs.

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