Our FTS Growth Program

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principal that holds all relationships.” – Stephen R. Covey

Our FTS Growth Program

"Trust is the glue of life. It's the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It's the foundational principal that holds all relationships." - Stephen R. Covey

Since the DOT.COM bubble, the Tech world has revolutionized how humans live their lives and conduct business. The staffing industry has grown alongside the Tech industry and unfortunately become over- saturated. Traditional methods of recruiting have either become stale or border on the line of unethical behavior. Extreme amounts of politics, massive placement fees and the lack of values seems to be more normal in almost all staffing scenarios.

The FTS Growth Program executes best-in-class recruiting processes, with a customized placement fee structure that is crafted around your bottom line and company growth, while prioritizing candidates and clients as human beings. Aligning principals of the candidates, the client, and the recruiter are what keep the agency accountable to providing maximum value without relinquishing ethics.

FTS’s leadership, self- awareness, emotional intelligence, and experience needed to understand how the client runs their business is evident in our approach and deliverable. Having empathy towards a decision makers’ budget is key. Consequently, FTS has customized a fee structure that is the most cost effective in the IT and Engineering staffing industry and on average, will save clients 75% – 300% in outside recruiting firm placement fees.

We truly believe in making any situation work for our clients. What we target are company’s that are in major growth mode with high values, a great culture, and a scalable business model. This program exists so FTS can simply grow alongside your company as a 24/7 dedicated staffing firm serving any and all job openings company-wide without your bottom line having to take a massive hit in placement fees.

Fully understanding the current status of your business, the desired direction of your business and ultimately the blueprint to reach that level, is carefully put into actionable steps in the remaining phases of the FTS Growth Process. Without action, there is no progress.


Setting our clients up for success in scaling their business means discovering how we can customize the FTS Growth Program. Each client is unique and we respect that. Aligning of Core Values is an absolute must.

Initial Meeting

Face-to-face business discussions still lead to the greatest results and lasting relationships. The FTS Growth program will travel to preferred client location, whether leadership is in the home office or on travel.

Goal Discovery

Transparency and the candid nature to communicate reality between parties is essential. We will intensely learn about the clients business philosophy, processes, and technology to assist in defining overall goals.

Model Design

Growth for startups and growth for established companies have very different meanings. FTS Growth will customize a "living & breathing" model to suit the needs of each client.


FTS is known for speed, accuracy, and command of the overall process. When your company is poised for growth, deadlines are not moving targets. Execution at this stage is simply a byproduct of our process.


Startup: Application Development

Software development is always the most crucial aspect to an App- centered business.

Our client originally off-shored development to hedge against cost. After missed deadlines, sub- par software performance and lack of communication, the founders were forced to bring development back to the United States. With a large investment locked in, several meetings with industry leaders on the table and no time to waste, they approached Andrew about the FTS Growth model.

With careful examination of the founders? needs, investment schedule, and overall goals in mind, Andrew was able to scale a development team. Due to the process, pricing structure, and a high- degree of trust, the struggling App quickly moved into a position of power with it’s investors, industry trends, and their vision.


Established: Managed IT Services

When end- user organizations rely on their Managed Service Provider (MSP) for support, implementation, and guidance, the talent within the MSP must be undeniable. An established business that experiencing an explosion of internal growth along with additional needs from complex clients, utilized our program to scale their practice in several departments.

The client’s ability to keep “concerns” close yet delegate the process to a trusted partner proved to be incredibly efficient for their already overworked leadership team.

The speed of the process and customized pricing structure created an average savings of 70% – 95% per hire, compared to previous internal processes and other partners combined. This is how FTS delivers and develops long-term relationship with it’s clients.


According to LinkedIn studies, average recruiter fee percentages hovered, on average, between 20%-35% of first year salary.

  1. Startup companies, especially, struggle to scale quickly with their brilliant idea in-large due to rising recruiter fees that take seed money away from the product or service being developed.
  2. Established companies suffer when the number of hiring needs reach into the hundreds if not thousands of job openings.

Our ability to individually tailor the FTS Growth Program sets us apart from any
other model. During the customization pricing phase, we historically have saved our partners anywhere from 75%-300% in placement fees which are due only upon hire. This program exists for real and true partnerships with amazing companies who share the same values as we do. For every partnership, our desire is to come up with an optimal placement fee structure that will keep your bottom line optimized and your the talent level of your team world-class. We want to grow with your company every step of the way.


If all companies are different, why are recruiter plans all the same?

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