About Us

This isn’t just our job; it’s our passion.

We specialize in Accounting/Finance, Construction, and Technology because these are industries we’re truly passionate about. We care deeply about every client and candidate, and we’re going out of our way to purposefully build an organization that has yet to be seen in this industry.

Our Belief

Change starts with one.

We believe it only takes one person to impact change at scale. Whether it be at the local or global level, our work has a profound impact on all individuals and organizations we work with on an everyday basis. As a result, we  believe our work absolutely has a ripple effect throughout the world.  


The Team

Thomas Carpitella


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Jennifer Thistle

Head of Growth & Strategy
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Ben Osterling

Senior Recruiter – Technology
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Bill Carpitella

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Andrew Davis

Head of Recruiting
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Cullen Baker

People Operations Manager
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William Briggs

Recruiter – Accounting & Finance
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Jesse Jackman

Head of Client Services
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Dan Ruddy

Recruiting Manager – Construction
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Mariah Niemiec

Technical Recruiter
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Let us help you build the team your business needs.

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